• Braid

    Introducing the Braid dog toy. A tightly braided rope base dog toy that is great for retrieval games and Tug-o-war. The Braid is woven from two strips of sturdy material and two strips of durable plush cotton ‘bodysuit’. An alternative to the Buoy Dummy, it is perfect for the fetch enthusiast who doesn’t like getting his paws wet. Flexible enough to store in your pocket, the additional handle not only enables long distance throws but is handy to carry. Plus the braid is a great “baton replacement” because it is gentle on dog’s teeth and gums.  While not suitable for the beach, this toy is a great addition for outings at the park.
    • Details

      Key features;

      Material: Polyester, plush Organic
      Weight: 0.30 lbs
      Size: 21.3 in x 2.8 in
      Dog Size: Medium & Large

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