Love Your Pet

All of us at Major Dog love pets. That's why we have the first dog toys tested by TUV in Germany that are certified to the same standard as children's toys.  Dogs are a part of our family, and we will always test every toy to the highest safety standard.

Tips From The Experts

Your dog wants to bark, dig, run and chew but, not always in that order.  This is natural behavior and must be fostered for your dog's physical and mental health.  Play leads to a well-adjusted dog.  So fetch, tug, swim, run and chase with your dog. It will strengthen the bond between you and your dog while strengthening your dog both physically and mentally.

Chew Safely

You do not want a bored dog or a missing leg on your dining room table.  But chewing is important to dogs.  It is necessary for their physical and mental development, from cleaning teeth to being challenged.  Major Dog toys are the ideal training and reward tool.  No dog toy is indestructible.  Supervise your dog when playing with a toy.  Regularly clean and inspect toys for tears, rips and/or loose parts.  Replace the toy if it is worn out or damaged.  Remember to purchase another Major Dog toy.


It is importan to train your dog which items are acceptable to chew.  As you know your dog may prefer your shoes instead of a toy.  Teaching your dog can be fun and a great way to introduce a Major Dog toy.  When your dog begins to chew on your furniture, carpet, lamp cords or any other fun items around your home, introduce a Major Dog toy.  Provide immediate praise when your dog plays and chews on the toy. Keep things fun and interesting by using a variety of Major Dog products.  This will keep your dog stimulated, and help us sell more toys.  As always, monitor your dog chewing on a toy until you are confident it will not be destroyed.  Major Dog toys do not contain any harmful substances, but are not meant to be a meal.

Health & Happiness

All of us at Major Dog want you and your entire family to be healthy and happy.  That is why we are the first dog toy to be tested and approved by TÜV in Germany.   Our toys are tested and do not contain Cadmium, phthalates, PAH, tinorganic compounds or azocolorants. They are also tested to DIN EN 71-3/9 standards for weathering and scratch resistance.  So go and play.  Play inside, play outside.  But most importantly play safe. 

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