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What makes Major Dog toys so good?

  • Made from Natural Rubber

  • Incorporates tightly woven fabric

  • Tear resistant materials

  • Heat treated fabric for added strength

  • Easy to clean, you can even toss them in the washing machine

  • Range includes toys suitable for all dog sizes and play styles

  • All toys have been designed with the help of dog trainers and extensively tested prior to going into production

  • Great for interactive play between you and your dog

  • And, of course, TÜV-certified to be as safe as children’s toys.












Product information

Major Dog training products were developed in Sonneberg Germany, the Toy Capitol of Europe, through intense collaborative efforts between trainers and dog owners. 

All of the training articles are designed, tested and TÜV-certified for safety. The development phase lasted several years in order to guarantee the highest standards for quality and function. Major Dog products are perfectly designed to meet your dog’s needs and are distinguished by their high-quality, durable materials.

You’ll find more detailed information with the individual products.

Major Dog is a registered trademark of Nobel Creativ GmbH and is represented in the Americas by ACK LLC.
Nobel Creativ is an international company that has successfully specialized in the development and production of leading brands for 10 years. One of the foundations of our company is making our own ideas into reality.













What is TÜV-certified and why does it matter?

TÜV-certified means that our dog toys have undergone and passed the same rigorous contaminant testing as a child's toy.  Major Dog toys are the world's first to do so. Our toys are tested and do not contain Cadmium, phthalates, PAH, tinorganic compounds, or azocolorants. They are also tested to DIN EN 71-3/9 standards for weathering and scratch resistance.  We know your dog is an important member of the family, so we test our products to be as safe as possible.  












Instructions for Use

Notice: No dog toy is indestructible.

Supervise your animal when playing with Major Dog training toys.
Regularly clean and inspect Major Dog products for tears, ripped and/or loose parts. If swallowed, pieces larger than normal food chunks can be harmful to dogs.

Major Dog products should be immediately replaced if worn out and/or damaged.

Please remember: That YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR DOG’S SAFETY! For this reason, please contact your veterinarian immediately if you suspect that your dog may have swallowed a toy.














Care instructions

All Major Dog training articles and toys can be cleaned with lukewarm water after use. Please see individual product information for additional care instructions.




Safety advice

Do not leave your  dog  to play on its own unitl you are confident it won't destroy the toy.  Always replace any toy that has cuts, rips or tears.  Do not eat. That goes for both you and your dog.
















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